#WesternWomenWednesday, Emily Bomgardner, Kimes Ranch Jeans

#WesternWomenWednesday, Emily Bomgardner, Kimes Ranch Jeans

Although I have yet to meet Emily in person, she is the first one that comes to mind when those crazy pet meme’s show up in my timeline. Yes, I have even shared a few of them with her like some crazy BFF who actually knows her. I also love talking writing and marketing strategy with her because she doesn’t think I am a weirdo. Well, at least not to my face?

Anyways, I wanted to share Emily’s story because we don’t see a whole lot of “professionals” for major brands in the western world. Sure, they exist, but for whatever reason, they are not discussed. This is a story about a girl who turned her love of horses and animals into a life by design.

1. Name. Age. Location.


Emily Bomgardner, 25. I’m from a little speck of a town off I-80
called Newcastle, Ca.

2. You have been involved with horses since you were a kid, can you
tell us about that?

I’ve been riding since I was about 12 or so. I started out taking lessons, my poor parents aren’t horse people so they didn’t know what to do with this horse crazy kid! Lessons turned into owning horses, which turned into showing horses in jumping and some western horsemanship classes, which turned into rodeo, which turned into showing western pleasure horses which lead me to showing ranch horses..it’s been quite the evolution. I’ve dabbled in everything but I’m always at home on the back of a horse and love learning something
from everyone whether that’s an old hand, a professional trainer or just the people I’m surrounded by!

3. How does horses and competition influence the work you do now?

unnamed (3).jpg

In every way! I live two lives, a “9-5” where I manage an animal dermatology clinic and then I live life as a roadie for Kimes Ranch.
So horses are a part of both of those worlds. However, with Kimes I’ve been blessed to travel to everything from the AQHA World Show, the NFR, the Brannaman Pro-Am, livestock shows, and everything in between.
Learning from the different disciplines, and the different people a part of those worlds has exposed me to so many ways of life, I feel blessed to be a part of it!

4. Can you tell us more about your position with Kimes Ranch and how
you have grown to your current title?

unnamed (5).jpg

I currently am the Blog Manager, a part of the Marketing department
and as I mentioned earlier I also travel to different shows and events
working to spread the love that I have for Kimes. I originally applied
to be a resident blogger, and then I started traveling to some shows.
The first being the All-American Quarter Horse Congress and from there
I ended up spending almost three months on the road and loved EVERY

5. What kind of schooling or life experiences brought you to that kind of job?

I started my college adventure at Feather River College in California,
and eventually made my way to Findlay, Ohio where I triple majored in
Business, Animal Science and Equine Management. I also recently
completed my Masters of Business Administration. Between my formal
education and my time spent riding for and working for various
trainers and horsemen, it has given me a unique perspective to
appreciate all things western lifestyle.

6. Emily, you are just about to get married - What is your
advice for other newly weds (or almost newly weds) balancing work with their new lifestyle?

unnamed (2).jpg

We get married in 2019, ️ so close but so far! But I can talk about
relationships in general!

Well, I’ll be totally honest. I have 0 balance, I’m constantly on the go and my life is hectic 110% of the time. However, finding someone
who lets me be my independent and wild-self is key to finding a balance that works for us!

7. Anyone who visits your social media for more than a hot second can
see that your fur babies are your life! Can you introduce us to your
crazy, loveable gang?


Oh goodness where do I start!

Chup,  is my “first born” I got her as a foster failure in college from the vet I worked for at the time. My parents wouldn’t let me get
a dog, so I raised the coolest cat in Ohio! I still have college friends ask how Chup has been before asking how I’ve been!

Davis is a border collie mix, and he’s been with me through many jobs,
and life transitions and has never left my side literally or figuratively. He’s been my shadow from day one.

Lola and Molly are what we call Davis’s Pit Crew. They both came to us semi-on accident. I’ve always been hesitant to own a bully breed but I raised them like a ranch dog, and they’ve gotten stepped into line to be some pretty darn good dogs!

I also have a 37 year old AQHA mare, a retired mini horse whom is hercompanion and Ollie who is an APHA gelding that I showed a lot in his younger years but now we are just "living our best lives" so to speak.


8. What are your dreams in professional life and how are you working
to get there?

unnamed (4).jpg

It may sound silly but I want to live a life I love and to be able to look back in 40 years and smile at all I’ve done. I know that doesn’t quite answer the question, but at 25, the sky’s the limit. I live a pretty full life right now between my day job, Kimes but I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

9. I love watching your adventures, flying out to various horse and Kimes events across the country! Any tips for the jet setting life?


Take care of yourself. I thought self care was something that the rich and famous did... but it’s something everyone needs. Whether it’s that morning coffee, or that weekly hike that charges your batteries...make time for it! The other part of that is to never pass up and opportunity to try something new! I’ve done a lot of things I’d never would have imagined but just saying yes to everything that came my way.

10. What is your favorite quote?

“Find what you love, and let it kill you” - Charles Bukowski

You can connect with Emily here -

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