Western Brand Stylist

Jess uses her real-world experience as a speaker, business owner and cowboy to promote authenticity in the western market place.

feet on desk, boss babe, desert style, by Morgan Kromm Photography

Join the Movement

The Western Women Community is a movement to support rural business women in the United States and around the world! What started as a series of stories has turned into an entire Facebook community. Join us here!

Office flat lay, succulent, Alvord Desert, Western Brand Stylist, Oregon, boss babe, by Morgan Kromm Photography

Western Brand Stylist

Is your brand lacking a digital identity?

Jess can walk you through logos, branding, websites, printing and all the other things that make your brand, well… YOU!

photographer, western brand stylist, Alvord Desert, by Morgan Kromm Photography


From the branding trap to a western fashion shoot, Jess is an expert at capturing the shots western businesses need most! Increasing social media engagement or building a website is much easier with that specially curated collection of images.


Brands Jess has styled