Your Business' Reality Show

Think of social media as the reality show based on your business.


Authentic Content Creation

Engaging consumers interested in value, not price. 

No, not the sleezy, under-handed, drama-filled stuff that tops the tv ratings. Please don’t become one of “those” businesses. Many businesses though have profited from sharing their “behind the scenes.” Let me show you what I mean.

When we do business in an online environment, it is much harder to connect with people. There is the obvious lack of face-to-face communication. There are other factors that we forget to account for in comparison to a brick-and-mortar location. For example, there is a lack of physical community or other cultural factors to bridge the gap between salesman and consumer. This is one way social media can help.

By creating authentic content that shows the heart of who you are, you help bridge the gap. Your customer can identify character traits and daily habits they connect with. This is where we take consumer buying decisions from price to value and brand loyalty.

Types of content that demonstrate the heart of your business include:

·         Product quality measures your business takes.

·         Customer service that goes the extra mile.

·         Your take on industry “hot button” topics.

·         How your time is spent away from work.

·         Other businesses in your network.

Want to hear more? Be watching in the coming weeks as Jessica breaks down how to get this content into your social media plan.

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