Hey Gal

Hey Gal

Hey gal,

I am not sure how to address you.

It would be an insult to call you a cowgirl for you are a cowboy.

You are more than a ranch wife, having mastered the art of rural living, ranch politics, and a no quit attitude.

The most amazing part is that thru it all, you've never lost your feminine touch.

I see you struggling. Don't worry, it's not evident to everyone else. I just recognize it because I've been there too. You are trying to be a good wife and mom in the midst of a busy season but your heart tugs at you.

You want to be on a horse, doing your share of the work. When you are horseback, you wish you were roping and sorting the way you use to. And you want to smack that smug guy that doesn't realize you helped get these cattle in before the crew arrived.

You are making a difference though. Not everyone can pack a couple of kids around and  set gates, run errands, or jump a horse out to help at just the right spot. Not everyone can feed the entire crew out at some unknown trap far from our modern conveniences. Not everyone can problem solve  alone.

You are a rockstar.
You accomplish more than you know.
Your day is coming.

Life your chin, square your shoulders and don't weaken!


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