That Pivotal Moment Every Business Experiences

Every business I work with has a pivotal moment before launch.

An individual or team that was so confident, so excited about the face of their new brand, website, or other development is suddenly unsure. How they demonstrate this uncertainty is as different as the types of businesses they manage, but they all experience the same underlying emotion.


Doubt is where negative internal dialogue has taken over. They wonder if they are crazy. They question who they were to think they could make a go at being a small business owner. They have allowed outside parties to influence what is going on inside their brand.

And from my perspective as a coach? It’s ok!


It is healthy. You should be scared about putting your heart on a platter for the public. If it doesn’t feel like that, it’s not your passion- go back to the drawing board.

It is normal. Because I have been through a variety of new businesses, re-branding, and new product initiatives, I know how nerve-racking that feeling can be.

It is empowering. One day, this will be part of your success story so don’t quit now!


This is the advantage of having someone who has been there to walk with you through the process. Sometimes it manifests itself as a God-inspired logo re-design two day before launch. Sometimes it is doubting yourself from the negative feedback of others. Either way, I help you get to the bottom of those feelings and do whatever we need to make it right. That may mean overtime making your true vision a reality or it may be a motivational pep talk where we revisit our journey together and the principles your brand is founded on.


Don’t think for one moment that this is “fake” or “she is just saying that.” No, this is exactly why I prequalify those I work with to ensure that we are the best fit possible. When you choose to work with Branded in Ink, I want you to know you’ve found someone that will walk through fire with you and has the experience to do it. I want to believe in you and your product because then I am honest and genuine in my support of what you do.

Find the people that smother your flames of doubt and there is no stopping you! Embrace your story, your product, and walk forward in confidence. You’ve got this!