Etsy vs E-Commerce

I have been working with makers switching from Etsy to their own e-commerce sites. Some of these businesses are successful with Etsy but want a more professional platform with more control. Others are doing great with social media, personal contacts, and vendor shows, but just can’t crack the “code” of Etsy. Many crafters are INCREDIBLY successful, and comfortable, on the platform, no two businesses are the same. With website-building sites, card readers, and social media becoming more accessible, is this avenue of marketing handmade products becoming out dated, is Etsy no longer their only option? Here are a few reasons motivated businesses are making the switch.

1.       Potential buyers cannot find their work.

Makers constantly tell me their customers can’t find their shop even when searching the business’ name. Their other complaint is that although buyers can find one of their products, Etsy makes it difficult for them to find other pieces in their shop. Buyer confusion often happens when Etsy shows similar products. They are essentially distracting customers from your store!


2.       Makers don’t own their “space.”

Makers are concerned about losing their followers if Etsy ever shuts down or changes. They also experience many of the algorithm issues we see on social media. Who needs another algorithm to solve? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3.       There is nothing “personal” about it!

Makers are insanely creative beings. That’s why they are making a living with their designs! It is frustrating to them for their shop/about/cart to look like everyone else, struggling to set themselves apart. From a business standpoint, it’s suicide to “follow the masses.”


Are you a maker looking to find another alternative for your business?

Here are three reasons why Branded in Ink would LOVE to work with you!


1.       Photography.

Any maker who has found success on Etsy knows the importance of a quality photo! They usually have a distinct photographic style and bring that to their new website and social media presence. This is a great foundational cornerstone as we start to change the conversation of your brand!

2.       Work Flow.

Branded in Ink recognizes that many Etsy shops are tired of trying to appeal to everyone. We can help you make that transition to building more of the products you want while also protecting your income stream. Yes, you can still take custom orders (we have work flows for that too!) but it also frees up your creativity, production, and supply management!

3.       Customer Connection.

 Mackey Hedges and his son, Sam, share a short break while branding.

Mackey Hedges and his son, Sam, share a short break while branding.

We help your website to work seamlessly with social media, allowing both to work together for the GREATEST conversations with your tribe! There are a ton of businesses doing quality work, so why are customers choosing certain brands over other? Connection.


Have you been putting off this Etsy to website transition? Maybe you need to talk it through and decide if it is right for you? Just drop us a line and let’s find solutions to help your business grow!