Book Review: Facing West, collection compiled by Sally Bates

Facing West- Voices of Western Women, a collection compiled by Sally Bates.

My finger slides down the back cover as I contemplate each name. Some, I have never heard of. Others have their work printed long after drawing their final breath. But those names I recognize? They are women I admire and aspire to one day be considered a peer of. Yes, they are brilliant writers. More importantly, they are women who bear the scars of cowboying life and have the courage to share the tales that wrote their history. From north to south, east to west, they represent the female voices of our ranching culture today and of yester year.

The state of Oregon has four contributors. Three of us are under 35 and live within 100 miles of each other. We can handle a rope, work a spoon in the kitchen or a cow in the trap, and earn our wage as something other than a professional performer. To me, that speaks volumes about the sincerity and authenticity of this book. It proves that Sally has gone to great lengths to include not only quality writers but ones that live the life.

Beyond this, a portion of the sales from this title will fund a newly created scholarship fund with the purpose of supporting home schooled women pursuing a career in writing. Many of the contributors have been home schooled at some point or home schooled their own children. What a heartfelt way to ensure the tradition of written expression continues in this digital age! Please purchase at the Amazon link below to ensure fastest delivery and fullest support of the scholarship!