#WesternWomenWednesday, Skye Clark, Skye Clark Images and The No Rules Diet

#WesternWomenWednesday, Skye Clark, Skye Clark Images and The No Rules Diet

When it comes to starting a businesses, landing your first brand rep deal, or smashing that goal in the gym, there is a formula to success.

Except when there isn’t a formula or you’ve been working both sides of the equation with no balance in sight. Then what?

You do like Skye Clark and rewrite the rules to success. Your own personal brand of success. The kind of success that only exists in your wildest fantasy because girl, you hand crafted that thing from the start!

1. Name. Age. Location. 

Skye Clark- high 30’s-Smoot, Wyoming 

Skye incorporates her brand representing into her authentic, real life photos

Skye incorporates her brand representing into her authentic, real life photos

2. Skye, you wear quite a few hats! Can you tell us about those?

Sure.  I ranch full time with my bio father.  Everything from feeding, calving, fencing, haying, irrigating, etc.  I am also the association rider on our forest permit from June 1-October 10.  It keeps me busy, but I love it.

I am a hobby photographer and my images are of my everyday life and of family doing our work mostly.

I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist as well and I have an online coaching program for working men and women called The No Rules Diet.

3. Becoming as diversified as you are, was that intentional or just a natural progression?

100% intentional.  I’ve been self employed my entire life, never having a 9-5 job.  That doesn’t fit me.  I designed business’s that allows me to do what I love.  It progressed over the years, but I knew I could never be happy working for anyone but myself.

4. How did you start representing brands and choosing which ones to work wit

Being a “model” doesn’t mean this gal is a wallflower!

Being a “model” doesn’t mean this gal is a wallflower!

Honestly, they have all reached out to me via my Instagram.  And for me to work with brands, they have to have the same values, morals and ethics I do.  I turn down several brands each month due to the fact that we don’t have those pillars in common.  I also won’t represent a brand that has products that I wouldn’t actually use.  

5. What do you find to be essential in highlighting a product for the brand's benefit?

Authenticity!!!  Be 110% yourself.  Use the brand’s product how you would regardless of who’s looking.  There’s so much competition out there, they want ambassadors and influencers who stand out via authenticity and uniqueness but in a real way.  The worst thing I see people do is try to show a product in a fake way.  

6. Media has set some pretty high expectations for women. What advice do you have for those ladies struggling to measure up?  


Never weaken and never be anything but yourself.  Live your life how you want, and share your message.  A lot of people won’t like you for it, and it doesn’t matter.  The right ones will!!!  And you’ll get so much more respect for it.  And lastly but probably most importantly, NEVER do anything for money alone.  You better honestly love and believe in what you’re doing first.  If someone wants to pay you to do it, fantastic.  If not, no sweat, you’re still happy and true to yourself.  If you do take on a brand for money only, and they aren’t a brand you fully believe in, it won’t take long for brands and the world to see you as a “sell out”.

7. What is your favorite piece of gear and why?

My hat.  I doubt there’s been 5 days in my entire life I haven’t worn a hat.  I actually feel blind and naked without one and I don’t know how anyone can be outside without one.  It keeps the sun off my face and I don’t ever fix my hair.  Wad it in a PONYTAIL throw a hat on and go.  Hair is out of my face.

8. What is your most important daily ritual? 

Waking up and reminding myself of everything I’m grateful for.  


9. What do you listening to in music, audio books, podcasts, etc? 

I listen to audible books (mostly mindset and personal growth type) occasionally a podcast (business) and music when in the mood.  I never watch TV.  I heard a statistic once that people spend 9-10 years of their lives watching TV by the time they die.  Not me.  I’m going to live as much as I can and be completely spent by the time I die.

10. What is your favorite quote? 

“Opportunity is missed by most because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like WORK”

You can keep up with Skye here -

Web: Skyeclarkphotography

Instagram: @skyeclarkimages

Facebook: @skyeclark.94

Steens Collab Shoot, shot by Branded in Ink

Steens Collab Shoot, shot by Branded in Ink

#WesternWomenWednesday, Cait Bascom, Cattle Cait

#WesternWomenWednesday, Cait Bascom, Cattle Cait