The three kinds of accounts I am un-following this year

The three kinds of accounts I am un-following this year

What goes into your mind is what comes out.

Each time I reflect on a new level of achievement, this statement is involved in that success. That leads me to examine what I am exposed to and whether it will produce the outcomes I’m looking for in life….or not.

That includes my social media!

Here are three types of accounts I am un-following this year and why.

1. Large brands (unless I am that much of a die-hard fan!)

I ask myself this question every time content comes across my feed. Is this helping me, hurting me, or just there? I started to realize the algorithm that controlled my newsfeed consisted of the “hurting me” and “just there” categories, which slowly edged out the “helping me” content.

Let’s take Target for example. Neither their brand nor their content is pertinent to growing my brand. They are not necessarily a relationship I want to nurture for my personal or professional growth. In fact, it would probably be a one-sided relationship, right? I love Target and their products, but I don’t need to follow them to be a customer.


2. Values that consistently do not a line with mine.

I love to learn more about the world and hear perspectives that I could not have understood on my own, based on my life experiences.

BUT, there is a difference between someone who consistently, and with intelligence, broaches the tough subjects and someone on a soap box every day. The first works in fact and personal opinion, while the second from a place of name calling and ranting.

For me and my values, I unfollow accounts that CONSISTENTLY curse, spew negativity, or have an anti-beef agenda. Noticed I highlighted the world consistently? This is not a cold, calculated, one-strike-and-you’re-out equation but an overall evaluation of how that account serves me and the bigger plan.

For example, I follow vegans for their ideas on health and recipes. I hope they continue to share that kind of content because it is valuable to me. If, however, they are making regular hate speech about animal protein and begin promoting the major animal rights groups that oppose the beef industry, I may reassess the access they have to my life via my newsfeed. I don’t want to be upset with them every time I scroll or be tempted to engage in a heated exchange. They have the right to share their believes. I also have the choice whether to follow along.

3. Individuals and small brands that do not interact.

If you never respond to my comments on your posts, like my posts, or even participate in stories, then what are we doing here?

Daily, I hear about how over saturated a market within the cowboy and western products or services is- cinches, beading, horse training, MLM’s, boutiques and the list goes on! If that is the case, I would prefer to give that precious space in my news feed to someone interested in honest interaction, not merely trying to sell things.

Our news feed is one of the most personal things in our life.

It is where our secret goals or interests begin to appear.

We view it in physically or emotionally private spaces.

It feed speaks to our most vulnerable self.

So, I must ask, what kind of message is your timeline speaking into the rawest, most intimate parts of your mind and heart?

#WesternWomenWednesday, Naomi Loomis, Circle L Ranch

#WesternWomenWednesday, Naomi Loomis, Circle L Ranch

#WesternWomenWednesday, Lisa Earley, Braider, NZ

#WesternWomenWednesday, Lisa Earley, Braider, NZ