Three Things Ranch Wives Should Have Just in Case

Three Things Ranch Wives Should Have Just in Case

My dad use to say when people are good at something, they’ve spent too much time doing it. He was talking about fencing techniques but I think it applies to this next subject, too.


I have moved over 20 times in the last 12 years and during that time, have become “good” at moving. I say this with as much confidence as one can have when each move involves different environments, resources, family members and stock.  Regardless, all I can control is myself, and having the following items on hand makes moving quicker, less stressful and eases the financial burden when that two-week notice trigger is pulled.


1.       Plastic Totes.

It was December 2008 when we had to move out of The Page for the first time. The roads were horribly mucky and nothing was going right. The horse trailer was stacked tightly with the cardboard boxes, holding everything we owned. By the time we made it out, many of the boxes had disengaged from the moisture that slung through the slats in the trailer.

Now, I invest in the holiday-colored totes on clearance at Walmart. Since then, they have served as laundry baskets and kitchen sinks when the water was out due to septic system failure. They have watered ponies when arriving at a new place. They protect newly purchased groceries in the back of a pickup and keep our home better organized.

If you do nothing else on this list, invest in totes!

2.       Steam cleaner solution and other cleaning supplies.

Maybe you don’t own a steam cleaner but borrow or rent one to clean before you move. Keep the solution on hand! With the requirements of moving, ain’t no body got time for another trip to town for the supplies required to leave your house sanitary.

Yes, sanitary. If you only knew of the amount of hair-encrusted toothpaste I have scrubbed off the bathroom counters in homes that were supposedly left “clean”.

No, I don’t care how bad the boss “done you wrong,” you don’t get to leave it dirty. The condition of that house is part of your resume and your reputation as a human being. If the boss is really that bad, then see it as an opportunity to take pity on the poor soul moving in behind you because rest assured, they’ll know your name too!

3.       Drip pans.

I don’t know about you, but hard as I try, drip pans are one of the dirtiest things in my house! I try to order 2 sets after we get our first check at the new job. One set to put on my stove immediately and another set to sit in the cupboard until the next time we move. Call me crazy if you will, but the $20 spent on a set is worth way more than the time and sanity required to scrub them clean on a deadline!


I believe that moving, just like other organizational tasks, is based on personal preference. It is a skill that requires continued tweaking to find systems that work for you! What are some of your favorite moving preparations?

#WesternWomenWednesday, Mel Payne, Custom Ranch Gear, Taranaki NZ

#WesternWomenWednesday, Mel Payne, Custom Ranch Gear, Taranaki NZ

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#WesternWomenWednesday, Naomi Loomis, Circle L Ranch