Time to win the lottery

Time to win the lottery

I see you over there, struggling to find inspiration.

 Slow your scroll, friend, because this is for you!

 Right now, take out a piece of paper and a pen. I want you to answer these questions as if your ideal version of success has already happened. Today, we are writing our dreams into existence.

 I don't care if you complete this like a list, a spider web brain storm, a story, or anything else. I do need you to WRITE it through - physically glide ink across paper.

1. What does your business look like?

·         How much money do you make?

·         Who is your ideal client?

·         What does your workspace look like?

·         What kind of bigger impact does your business make?

·         Do you have a team? If so, what does that look like?


2. What does your family look like?

·         Are you married? How does your relationship look?

·         Do you have kids? How many?

·         How often do you see your immediate family and what time, money, etc makes that possible?


3. What does your home look like?

·         How is it decorated?

·         How many rooms or special features does it have?

·         Where is it? Is it close to town, have no neighbors in sight, or something else?

·         Is it the gathering place for your kids’ friends and your family? Is it an all-inclusive, private oasis? What features make it this way?

·         How does it stay picked up and organized? Do you have a maid, is there a weekly family cleaning schedule, or are you wealthy enough to have Marie Kondo herself show up?


4. What do your vehicles look like (including trailers!) and why?


5. What does your pet/horse situation look like and why?


And finally, the big one:


What is it about all of these things, relationships, etc that provide you the lifestyle you’re after?


What can you do right now to give yourself more time, more freedom?

What DAILY habits will help you achieve this lifestyle?

I’m hoping this little exercise will help you dig deep and try again, because God laid these dreams on your heart for a reason. He’ll help you out, but He can’t give you the lottery, if you don’t buy the ticket.



P.S. the work, is the TICKET!



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