Never Underestimate a Hormonal Pregnant Lady!

March, 2012:

I was six months pregnant with our oldest son, Quirt. We had recently moved out of cow camp for a crew position closer to town. I had just lost my dog and felt lost in the world. My nesting instinct kicked in about that time in the form of getting our finances in order.

So, I did what any hormonal, pro-active woman in my position would do. I started a handmade accessories line with absolutely no crafting or small business experience what so ever. My husband was extremely opposed to the decision. I think I even took the $100 for the first order of supplies without his blessing. It is also worth mentioning that we were on the Dave Ramsey Kool-Aid, trying to pay off debt with limited cash flow. Looking back, this was far from the optimal conditions to start a business but there are moments in life that are pivotal. They don’t seem like it at the time, but those moments change the face of everything. March of 2012 was one of those moments for not only me, but my entire family.

The Buckarette Collection had been born.


December 2015:

Two out of state moves and two kids later, The Buckarette Collection was based in Paisley, Oregon. I employed five women in a town of a few hundred people and doubled my husband’s income several months out of the year. My team supplied the needs of not only our retail customers, but a wholesale program of 10-20 businesses at any one time. We also hosted a unique brand rep program focused on the stories of the women we provided product to and sponsored a local toddler play group. My “pregnancy insanity project” had grown larger than I could have ever imagined but another pivotal moment had arrived.

I sold The Buckarette Collection December 31, 2015 to pursue a dream of cowboying and whatever else lay beyond the horizon.


This story is not uncommon. In every niche market and industry, there are stories just like this one. I had no entrepreneurial or artistic example growing up. My dad was a ranch crew boss and my mom bounced between being chronically and terminally ill. I never obtained my high school diploma, despite having honors classes and college courses. I was brought up with the idea of finding security. Mostly, I was a bad statistic waiting to happen.


But I knew what hard work was.

I knew what being resourceful meant.

Mixed with a little persistence and desperation, those were the only skills I needed.


Now I find myself doing what I love to do. I help other cowboy-based families and businesses fight through the same fears I did. I promote small business and the pursuit of the American dream from the farthest corners of the West. It is my passion to take their hard work and integrity and teach them how to bring that to an online market.


Thus, Branded in Ink.


Never underestimate a hormonal pregnant lady, just pray to God she uses her powers for good!



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