Social Media Depression

There I was, burned out and depressed by social media…AGAIN!

The solution seems simple to those that don’t earn a living from these platforms, just take a break. They don’t understand consistency, algorithms, and just how that all equates to sales. No, you can’t just “take a break” very often without some consequences.

This means business owners are regularly tasked with creating new content, commenting on current events, deciding how much of their personal life to share, and the ever present, comparing themselves to someone’s highlight reel. With the holiday season closing in fast, this is no time for a break. There are goals to crush and this is the hour to do it!

Now what?

Here are a few of the things that helped me make it through personal slumps to continue fighting towards a greater connection in my social media life:


1.       Drink more water!

As a total coffee-aholic, this was tough, but time and again, I’ve seen how water consumption affects my overall mood.

2.       Go outside.

Yes, sometimes stepping away from the work bench, computer, screaming kids, whatever it is, is exactly where productivity lives. Are there things that can take outside? Sometimes I would cut leather, brainstorm ideas, or respond to customer inquiries outside just to get a fresh breath. It always helped!

3.       Pet an animal.

Horse, cow, cat, dog, I don’t care! Pet an animal, take a deep breath, and hit it again!

4.       Write a honest letter to the person, group, hash tag, that’s stealing precious energy and then burn it!

Harboring hate for a competitor, customer, or anything else, prevents full creative potential. Get that garbage out of the thought stream so more can be accomplished!

5.       Research a new project.

Find something to ignite that passion again and keep those mental wheels turning!

6.       Read a book.

Yes, find entertainment in something other than technology!

7.       Complete a house chore.

Clean out the back closet, weed that planter, organize the tack room, whatever project that has been begging to be done. There will be something knocked off the to do list and the change of scenery won’t hurt either!

8.       Write a list of blessings.

 Sometimes we get so bogged down in problems, we forget the beauty in life. If it helps, post that list where it can be seen regularly!

9.       Write goals and action plan to complete them.

This is a great way to refocus life and ignite the passion to push through those struggles. We all have them, it’s about who can persevere.

10.   Think of some good to put into the world today.

Share those words of wisdom, stories of hope, quotes of inspiration and encouragement, a photo of beauty. Everyone can start the chain of making positivity cool!


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