Scheduling posts

How to Schedule Posts

From your computer:

1.       Select “Share a photo or video” button.

2.       Select “Upload Photos/Videos.”

3.       Type text.

4.       Make any appropriate “Tags” or “Check-In’s.”

5.       Hit the down arrow to the right of the “Publish” button.

6.       Select “Schedule.”

7.       Select date.

8.       Select time.

9.       Select “Stop News Feed Distribution” if post is time sensitive, such as a sales announcement.

10.   Hit “Schedule.”


From your cell phone:

1.       Open application “Pages Manager.”

2.       Select “Photo.”

3.       Select which photo from gallery or capture one now by selecting the camera icon in the top right.

4.       Select “Done” in the top right corner.

5.       Add text.

6.       Make appropriate “Tags” or “Check-In’s.”

7.       Select “Next” on top right.

8.       Select white bar labled,” How do you want to publish this?”

9.       Select “Schedule.”

10.   Select date and time.

11.   Select “Set Date” in the bottom right hand of white box.

12.   Select “Schedule” in the top right.


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