Followers vs Following


Followers vs Following

The thing you didn't know that could be hurting your business on Instagram.

Did you know your “followers” to “following” ratio could be hurting your engagement and growth on Instagram?


Yup. There. We said it.


Many online users see Instagram like Facebook but instead of becoming “friends” we just “follow” each other. The difference is, Instagram doesn’t require a mutual agreement between two parties (unless your account is private) for someone to see your posts in their feed. So, what does this mean for you?


1.       Inactive accounts, foreign accounts you didn’t know you followed, or those belonging to the deceased, could be hurting your business.

2.       The boutique you never buy from or the person you “followed back” just to see who they were, could be hurting your business.

3.       The person who’s posts you don’t particularly like seeing nor do they interact with you, could be hurting your business.


The good news is, there is an easy fix! Start reviewing who you follow. Unfollow duplicate accounts, ones you have lost interest in, or those that just don’t post. If you are regularly posting content yourself, you should see an increase in followers soon! Repeat this periodically so you never feel like you can’t “follow” a new account!



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