Program of Work

What is a program of work?


A program of work is a set of marching orders, a plan, a calendar. It’s a way to stop missing the opportunity of having Valentine’s products or posting a Father’s Day Sale or that meaningful essay for Veteran’s Day. It helps you have a blog ready or the right photo for the “national day of” or  just know it’s that awareness month that is close to your heart. If you need to order supplies and create, it takes even longer! This system helps plan giveaways and sales as well. Oh, and vacation can’t sneak up on you either.


Getting your business on track!

So, what do you need to do?

1.       Research what days might be applicable to you. For example, things like the National Day of the Cowboy, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as nationally recognized holidays.

2.       Mark those dates on your calendar.

3.       Mark a date to start planning content or making posts if lead-up content is necessary.

4.       If applicable, mark a date to order supplies or complete production.


Don’t know where to start? Here is a list of ones that I feel are significant to me!




17- My birthday

19- President’s Day



Brain Injury Awareness Month

2012- Creation of The Buckarette Collection

11- Daylight Savings Time Begins

17- St. Patrick’s Day

25- Palm Sunday

30- Good Friday/Passover begins



1- Easter and April Fool’s

12- Holocaust Remembrance Day

15 thru 21- National Cowboy Poetry Week

23- World Book Day

25- Administrative Professionals Day



2- 10th Wedding Anniversary

3- National Day of Prayer

5- Cinco De Mayo

12- Quirt’s birthday

13- Mother’s Day

19- Armed Forces Day

28- Memorial Day



2017- Creation of Branded in Ink

6- D-day

14- Flag Day

17- Father’s Day

21- 1st day of Summer



4- Independence Day

4th Saturday- National Day of the Cowboy



Back to School Month

2015- First Hancock/Flick Memorial Cowboy Poetry Show

26- National Dog Day



3- Labor Day

22- Autumn Begins



8- Columbus Day

16- National Bosses Day

31- Halloween



4- Daylight Savings Time Ends

6- Election Day

11- Veterans Day

18- Cinch’s birthday

22- Thanksgiving

23- Black Friday

24- Small Business/Shop local Saturday

26- Sam’s birthday and Cyber Monday



7- Pearl Harbor Remembrance

13- National Day of the Horse

21- Winter begins

25- Christmas

31- New Year’s Eve


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