3 Reasons to Up-Grade Your Instagram

Are you a business that is still holding onto their personal account status on Instagram? Not sure why you should upgrade? Keep reading!


3 Reasons to Upgrade

Could your business be more effective on Instagram?

1.       Insights.

Find out who your followers are in terms of:

  •      Male vs Female
  •      Age group
  •      Days of the week they are online
  •      What time of day they are online
  •      New impressions

2.       Contact Button.

Offer your followers the choice of:

  •          Email
  •          Call
  •       Directions

3.       It’s free!

When businesses tap into who their followers are on Instagram, create content geared towards them, and pair it with a clear call to action (like your contact button or directions within a post), the results are amazing! This is where your consistent story telling and solid product or service creates a dynamite brand!

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