Nothing to Good for a Cowboy by Rich P. Hobson, Jr.

Wahoo! My crew and I finally finished the sequel to Grass Beyond the Mountains entitled Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, by Rich P. Hobson, Jr. These books are part of a true, three book story, about the development of the Frontier Cattle Company in British Columbia, Canada.


This book not only confronts the hardships of the cattle market in the late 1930s and early 1940s, but also the physical hardships. The reader becomes inspired by what a will to survive, much less succeed, can accomplish. Rich makes life-and-death decisions regarding people, cattle, wolves, storms, rivers, and more. You are introduced to many new characters and their roles in this back-country saga. From cowboys to Indians, homesteaders to folks in town, they all play an important role in the entertainment and survival of their neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Rich also opens up and about his family history, where he comes from, closing the gaps in who he is as a person.


You are also introduced to a softer side of Rich, one I’m sure we will hear more about in the third, and final book of the series, Rancher Takes a Wife. These books are carried by most libraries, but you can also get the newer, paperback editions on Amazon for $7.99.


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