Sunday Just Ain't Sunday

Sunday just ain’t Sunday

You are gone saving cows today
From the impending fires path
And this is just the cowboy’s way
Saving the stock from nature’s wrath

But Sunday just ain’t our Sunday
Without you with us here at home
The house routine is still okay
But better when you aren’t on roam

The eggs and coffee and bacon
Just don’t seem to taste quite the same
And your son’s tantrums awaken
While you’re out fighting ranging flames

Guess there won’t be a Sunday drive
Or working colts in the round pen
Not waiting for guests to arrive
No client horses shod again

There’s plenty busy things to do
Even though you aren’t by my side
But I’ve waited all week for you
Like the best of buckaroos’ bride

I am surely not complaining
As this is just part of the game
But the missing you remaining
While the fire burns without shame

I’m proud for the reasons you ride
For the cattle, the brand and me
I won’t ask you to step aside
On the account of my heart’s plea

But bring you and your mount back whole
Safe from the smoke, flames and the fear
For your heart, your mind and your soul
Are all the Sunday I need dear