How do I become a brand rep?

How do I become a brand rep?

Brand Rep:

the most over-used, misrepresented term used in the online space today.



I am often asked, “how do I become a brand rep?” Most of the time, people think they will get free product in exchange for making a post or two. They feel they have adequate social media savvy to post about a product. Mostly though, they forget to look at the potential relationship from a place of service, considering what the brand they want to represent stands to gain. 

A brand rep is someone who actively promotes a product or service through social media savvy, building a brand that aligns with the values of the business they promote. In exchange, they receive product, monetary compensation, publicity, or other similar rewards. 

1. Do you LOVE the brand?

Not just a specific product, but the majority of their offerings? How about their aesthetic, business story, personal causes, etc? It is unauthentic (and unsustainable!) to promote a line that only provides lukewarm feelings. These answers also provide insight to whether an audience will be receptive to your pitch.

2. Can you commit to extraordinary work?

What extents are you willing to go to capture the perfect shot? How much time can you dedicate to writing AND FORMATTING excellent sales copy? Do you know how to get great shots and what sales copy is? 

3. Will this product/service/brand still be in your life next month?

After the new wears off, will your life still be enhanced by the experience? Can you wear that piece after the photo shoot or will that home décor make an appearance next season? 

Ok, so you have answered these questions and KNOW that you will be an excellent representation for the company. Now what? 

1. The groundwork.

If you are a long-time follower of the brand (as you should be in most cases) they should already recognize your name from liking or commenting on posts, previous purchases, in person introductions, etc. If this is not a regular occurrence for you, wait until it is. How can you claim to promote them effectively if you don’t know them? 

2. The approach.

Once there is a relationship in place, now it is time to approach your target brand. Send them a note to let them know why you admire their product, how long you’ve followed them, and their cause that spoke to you. In a line or two, let them know who you are and what your specialty is. Finally, ask how you might help them spread the word of their brand. Remember, they have the thing you want, it’s about them!

3. Know what you want but be flexible to their needs.

You’ve done it! They loved your pitch and responded back with interest. When they ask what you had in mind, don’t kill the deal by having no plan to offer!



Be watching for ideas on how to be a good brand rep and promote their company well!

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