10 ways to be a fantastic brand rep!

10 ways to be a fantastic brand rep!

In a previous post, we helped you land your ideal brand rep opportunity, CONGRATULATIONS! As someone who has sponsored others and someone who has been sponsored, here are my top ideas to promoting a brand well.

1. Share a post or story when you pick the product up or receive it in the mail.

2. Write a post, email, or blog that introduces the new relationship. Focus on the company itself but also mention the product or service as well.

3. Make a post unrelated to their brand, but tag the outfit, tack, home décor, etc makers.

4. Tag the brand in both the text and photo.

5. Tag the brand when your friends and acquaintances are looking for the products and services they offer.

6. Share sales details on your feed.

7. List the brand on your website.

8. Post about the product later as it fits into a new situation, demonstrates its durability, etc.

9. Comment on their posts with how much you love the posted piece, congratulations, helpful story for potential customers, etc.

10. Share their name in trade or networking groups. 


Please note, to be a successful brand rep, their name does not have to be the only one on your lips (or fingers!) In fact, you risk the spammy, greasy reputation if you do, ultimately causing followers to tune you out. Ouch! 

Being a brand rep should be about show casing a fantastic product, in an authentic way, just living life!

Good Things Take Time!

Good Things Take Time!

#WesternWomenWednesday, Catie Kershner, Kershner Custom Silver

#WesternWomenWednesday, Catie Kershner, Kershner Custom Silver