No Second Chances

Think about this, you have an amazing product you have spent hours, days, months even, designing and making your cinches, or making those headbands, or sewing those t-shirts, editing those photos or writing those stories, and to pitch it, you really only get one chance to make sure when you release it to the world, it will fly or just flop. 

In this age of social media, everyone has an attention span like a chicken. If it doesn't grab them in about two seconds, they are scrolling on by. Here are a few tips from an editorial point of view that will help you to iron out those creases that could cause your launch to flop faster than green grass though a goose!

Quality over quantity - Don't be so caught up in making a million posts a week that you miss important details like spelling, grammar and punctuation. Churning out lots of posts can also become less personal and less engaging. Make sure your posts are still really telling your story. Having less posts means you can spend more time on really fine tuning the content and going through it a few times before you publish.

Build your tribe - I get it, you are a one woman (or man!) show, that braids before breakfast and posts before doing the school run. In our rush, we can miss finer details, or sometimes formulate a post that makes sense in our own mind, but when read by another person, it can seem convoluted or confusing. Just like I am to Jess, find someone you trust that will happily be your second set of eyes when looking at your photos and content you have written. I can't stress this enough. In big outfits they have a copy editor for this reason, so why should we be any different? Find another supportive person in your circle (online or someone you know in real life!) who you can bounce ideas and words off. I am this to a few people, and they are this to me, too! 

If we can work more on building a community and a tribe of likeminded people that we can bounce ideas off, we are less likely to miss the mark editorial wise and content wise, and in turn, increase our professionalism and polish in the online world. 

We may walk inside now and then with dirt on our boots, but it doesn't mean we need to be seen as messy!

~ Britt

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