#WesternWomenWednesday, BoWynn Ashworth, Cowgirl Posh

#WesternWomenWednesday, BoWynn Ashworth, Cowgirl Posh

Occasionally, I talk about the power of using Facebook groups to network with like minded people. BoWynn and I have been connected so long, I *think* we met from a ranch wives group. After all these years, it does't matter, just that I can't imagine not seeing her smiling face in my feed!

We have both been customers of each others. I made some of her custom hats. Sam and I both SWEAR by her Healer Sticks for rope burns. Really though, it's our conversations about husbands, jobs, kids and businesses that mean the most to me.

If all of this isn't enough reason to check her out, read through these:

Jessica Hedges and BoWynn Ashworth in Escalante, UT at Jess' cowboy poetry performances.

Jessica Hedges and BoWynn Ashworth in Escalante, UT at Jess' cowboy poetry performances.

  • BoWynn is on track to take her side hustle to her main hustle

  • She is part of a MLM company, finding personal success without being spammy

  • BoWynn decided she needed to get back to roping and has made it happen. 

I invite you to meet my social media sista, BoWynn Ashworth!


1. Name. Age. Location

BoWynn Ashworth, 34, Redmond UT

2. You wear quite a few hats, can you tell us about those?

BoWynn Ashworth and family

BoWynn Ashworth and family

Absolutely! I work full time as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at a rural hospital. Am married to the love of my life and am the book-keeper, financial manager and marketing manager of his booming Horse Training business. We have been extremely blessed with 2 children: Mason who is almost 7 and MaCarty who is almost 3. And I am fortunate to own my own Perfectly Posh business. In just 4.5 years I have helped grow this business to over 11 million in sales.

3. I still remember your post, announcing that you had started with Perfectly Posh. How were you introduced to this company and what drew you to their products?

Looking back now it is kind of a sad story with a happy ending. When I joined Posh almost 5 years ago, I was completely broken as a person. I had just suffered 2 back to back miscarriages. During that time I was suffering from depression and hated myself. Most mornings I could barely get out of bed. A friend told me about Posh and I was willing to join without ever trying a product because I knew in my heart I needed something, anything to get me through what I was going through. It was right before Christmas and we were flat broke.  But something told me everything was going to be okay. So I bought the kit and jumped into my business head first. Little did I know that would be the single greatest $99 decision of my life.

4. Most folks selling any sort of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) products have given the system a bad reputation. How do you use social media and interact with customers to create a genuine experience for them?


I definitely think as with any business, there are those that only care about their bottom line and making money off others and unfortunately those people are largely the reason MLM and Direct Sales companies get a bad rep. I think social media is a great way to expand your market when done correctly.  Another reason MLM companies get flack is because of the continually, copied, unauthentic, spammy content that floods our newsfeed.

The way my business is different, is I am all about the relationship AND the experience. I want to create a custom experience for my customers and help them realize they truly deserve to take a little break out of their busy schedule to put themselves first. I love meeting new people and my customers quickly become my friends. I care about them on a personal level. For me it’s not about the money, it’s about taking care of those I truly care about and I think that makes a huge difference in my business. People can see when you are being genuine and have their best interest at heart.

5. You were recently honored at a major company event and one of the featured speakers, right? How was that experience?

Speaking in Nashville.jpg

I was! I had the opportunity to speak on the main stage in Nashville, TN at our yearly Un-convential Conference. We call it Uncon for short because we are far from a normal business in that we are always pushing the envelope, trying new things and coming up with innovative products to pamper others.

I was fortunate to be one of only a handful of consultants chosen to share my Posh story out of over 146,000 people! As a small town girl that lives in a town of 800 people, the chance to share my struggles and triumphs in front of over 2,000 people was mind blowing! There are times in our life that change us forever. This was one of those defining moments that will forever change me as a person and I am so grateful for it.

6. When you are not at your day job or chasing your side hustle, what do you like to do?

BoWynn's son, Mason, with her husband, Kent. 

BoWynn's son, Mason, with her husband, Kent. 

I absolutely LOVE to rope. I am hopelessly addicted to all aspects of it. Team roping, ranch roping, big loop, all of it. It gives me something to continually work on and be better at. Not just my roping but my horsemanship as well. It’s such an adrenaline rush and yet so calming at the same time. I often joke that my horses keep me sane. My family loves it too so it gives us something to do as a family. We are extremely close so any chance I have to spend with my husband and my kids is time well spent.

7. What was your introduction to horses, roping, ranch rodeo, all of that?

Bowynn Ashworth at a ranch rodeo in Utah. 

Bowynn Ashworth at a ranch rodeo in Utah. 

I grew up with horses. My Mom did adult riding club and I grew up doing horse 4-H. In my younger years I did some HS, amateur and a few professional Rodeo Queen Contests and competed in goat tying and breakaway. I always wanted to team rope but my parents wouldn’t let me because they were scared I would lose my thumb in the dally HAHAHA.

Then I met my husband who is one of THE MOST talented people ever with a rope not to mention an extremely talented horseman. He taught me to team rope and opened up the world of ranching to me. It was a World I had no idea existed. The traditions, the gear, the etiquette, the skill, I was immediately enthralled with all of it and knew it was something I wanted to me part of. And not only did I want to be part of it but I wanted to raise my kids with that level of respect for mankind and livestock, the responsibility, hard work, dedication and passion that I believe is lacking for so many of the younger generations.

8. What advice do you have for other women wanting to rope, ranch rodeo, anything like that?

Bowynn Ashworth roping with friend and team mate, JaBoe Garrett. 

Bowynn Ashworth roping with friend and team mate, JaBoe Garrett. 

I have had some extremely supportive people in my corner and others that have told me a woman's place is not on a horse with a rope. Pay no attention to those trying to bring you down.  Listen to your gut and be your amazingly authentic self.  Work hard every day to be better than the person you were yesterday. Ask questions to anyone that is willing to help you. Learn from anyone and everyone you can. Take the pieces of advice that work best for you, own it and have fun!

9. What do you like to listen to?

Bo branding.jpg

I am continually trying to better myself. As a business woman, wife, Mom and as a human being. I LOVE anything with personal and spiritual growth. Some of my favorite authors are: Gabrielle Bernstein, Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins.

I also love to expand my knowledge of the ranching lifestyle and horsemanship. I love the work of Buck Brannaman, Bill and Tom Dorrance and Chris Cox.

10. What is your favorite quote?

I have a lot but my most recent favorite is by Dolly Parton and that is “Find out who you are and do it on purpose” 

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