Your Brand Message- Part 2

Your Brand Message- Part 2

Last week we talked about why we need to tell our brand story. This week, we’re going to explore how.

I spend a lot of time coaching business owners and asking them why. I encourage breaking rules, it’s that small slice of desperate rebel that has created the few successes I’ve had. Are we breaking rules intentionally though, or just floating around, grasping at the next shiny business method going by? Today’s exercise will create a base line, something to compare all future “shinies” against.

Please start by downloading this free guide. It is the perfect place to brainstorm and a resource you can fall back on when your brand requires a shift.

Section 1

The first section helps you define who you are, what you’re known for and the value you can offer your following. You should listen to the needs of your tribe but if you are starting from scratch, or need to clear the deck, this is a great place to begin!

Section 2

Section two is all about defining your customer. Let’s destroy one of the biggest misconceptions I hear, the market determines my customer. Wrong! That is an excuse we tell ourselves when business isn’t coming our way. Instead, start considering who you want to work with then adjusting your product offerings and marketing efforts towards them. We want consumers that feel like friends, ones we don’t roll our eyes at when messages come across our phone, people that understand our vibe! Use this second to “call your shot.” Also consider what kind of adjustments, if any, should be made to your product/service offerings, pricing, sales copy, hash tags or any other part of your business to make Sections 1 and 2 work for you!


Section 3

Section 3 is going to focus on marketing and is my favorite secret weapon for all content creation! Determine the five things you would like your brand to be known for. This should be a combination of the first two sections, being authentic to yourself AND serving your ideal client.

For example, my five topics are:

1.       Business

2.       Social Media

3.       Family, including horses and dogs

4.       Cowboy stories

5.       Inspiration/Motivation

Now that you have your five topics, think of AT LEAST five ideas for each one. What you are left with is a brainstorm of at least 25 posts for the month. Did I mention they are all on brand? Cha-ching!


If you want to get really fancy, you can use a slightly altered version of this exercise for your blog, email list, podcast, etc. For example, I try to email my list weekly. If there are four weeks in a month, here is an equation I personally fall back on:

1.       What is new in my business?

2.       What is something I can teach?

3.       What is something entertaining?

4.       Who is an interesting client to profile?

What I find most exciting about this set up is the freedom it gives to move with you. Let’s say I o longer discussed social media tips because I took up macramé. If one in five posts is now focused on my new passion then most of my followers will continue to engage plus I’ll gain new friends from my macramé-related hash tags. See how I did that?

Additional Resources

This blog gives step-by-step instructions for Facebook scheduling. Instagram scheduling must be done via third party, and I love Planoly. Upgrade to their Solo Plan if you want automatic posting!

Tag us in your stories and posts, let our B in I team know how your new brand story method is going!

Still need help? Let’s have a one-on-one strategy call and define your brand together! Just shoot me a message here.


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