Your Brand Message- Part 1

Your Brand Message- Part 1

There are thousands of talented makers within the western and cowboy markets that are “starving to death,” for a lack of a better phrase.

They tell me they can, “make anything!”

Looking through their portfolios, I strongly agree! Talking to them, they know the needs of the cowboys in their regions, have an eye for cutting-edge style for the influencer crowd, or the connections to develop a lucrative niche market. If they are so talented, why are they struggling?

They forgot to develop their brand which, in turn, creates their tribe!

Many young makers (this includes me!) are sharing their learning journey online. Their followers watch as their craft develops, bringing them into the story. Through this process we also learned who “our people” were, thus beginning an organic exchange. We develop skills to make products that serve the needs of our followers and thus they attract more of the same kind of customers for brands to serve.

But what if you learned your craft away from the fan fair of the online world?

Define your brand and the client you want to work with!

Yes, you heard me. The best brands know who their target market is and then create products, photography, websites, sales copy, etc FOR THEM!

For example, I will guess that one (or more!) of the following statements are true for you:

1. You cowboy or are married to one.

2. You are a cowboy gear maker or western business owner.

3. You love horses, cattle, history, or at least the romance of it all.

Why? Because you’re reading this blog! My imagery, writing, etc is geared towards you because you are my people! Across multiple business ventures with various products and services, my best served clients fall into one, if not all, of these categories.

So I continue to create for you!

Hopefully this has sold you on “why” we create a consistent brand message. Next week, we’ll delve more into the “how.”

Your Brand Message- Part 2

Your Brand Message- Part 2

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