3 Steps to Better SEO Now!

3 Steps to Better SEO Now!

There I was, recently graduated from a prestigious graphic arts program, complete with hands on experience in coding, design software and funnels…

Wait, I’m sure this was someone, somewhere, but not me!

No, I built my first website because my cowboy poetry business needed an online home.

Later, my accessories line, which included employees, Brand Reps and a Wholesale Team, needed an ecommerce to step up from the “I’ll email you an invoice” game.

And today, you see this one you’re reading this blog on for Branded in Ink.

All of them have been done and redone as I learned the features, upgraded my style and developed better experiences for my fans, clients, and customers. Here are several tricks to help Google find your site more often, connecting you with your ideal clients!

1. Rename Images

Did you know Google creeps your image titles? It’s true! Ever notice the Images tap on Google? Those photos are chosen based on their titles! What if someone looking for your products or services found you?

Some platforms, like Squarespace, allow you to do this within the platform.

On other platforms, you will have to change the name of the image on your computer, remove the current image and upload the identical with the new name.


2. Review page descriptions, meta tags, etc.

 This is a two-part process. Go page by page to review SEO, providing info to help people find this exact page. You will also want to do this on a site wide level. Sometimes this is on the home page, other times your settings tab.

Page Descriptions are the words that show up in search engines or link previews.

Meta Tags are snippets of text that are not seen but are injected into the code to provide context for the page.


3. Update Google Search Console

Now that we’ve upped our word game, let’s ask Google to give us another shot! This will request that they “recrawl” the page, checking out new search words, images, etc.

Access Google Search Console in one window and search “How to update Google on (INSERT YOUR PLATFORM) site.”

Side note: Please make sure to use the email address attached with the admin account of the website!

If all of this seems overwhelming or something you don’t have time for, reach out to your original web designer or us here at Branded in Ink!



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