Night Latch Friendship

Night Latch Friendship

Night Latch Friendship


The kids had quit crying

The dishes were picked up

The dryer was drying

Now coffee in my cup


I tried to call you then

My brief moment today

Voicemail picked up again

Maybe you’re feeding hay?


It took a few hours

But you Facebook’d me back

Bottle calf had scours

So you picked up the slack


I saw my phone had chimed

But I was elbow deep

This diaper was ill timed

Hopefully now he’ll sleep


Day had turned into night

Before I texted you

Standing under stage light

Had been your current view


You tried me back Monday

But I couldn’t be found

The skies had turned dark grey

My cell service was down


By Wednesday I emailed

No I hadn’t forgot

My husband’s help had bailed

I’s driving truck a lot


It took a whole week

Before we said hello

Now with the chance to speak

A fit the kids will throw


Our schedules still don’t match

We haven’t spoken in years

You’re there like a night latch

When his head disappears


Thanks for all the friendship

It’s been quite the bronc ride

Thanks for taking this trip

Of being a ranch bride


I hope you know I’m here

When your life gets you down

I’m your listening ear

When you think you will drown


Our paths may be detached

But one thing is for sure

As good friends we were matched

Just know that we’ll endure

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