Hash Tag to Your Ideal Customer

Hash Tag to Your Ideal Customer

Let’s say you’re a silver maker who just polished their newest ring.


A part of you knows the internet is about to go crazy as they see your newest stroke of genius. You set the stage for the perfect product photo, adjust the lighting just so, edit the shot to perfection, and uploaded it to Instagram. Next, you scour the internet looking for that oh-so-perfect, meme worthy line of inspiration, sass or punchy to extenuate your piece.

And now, for the hash tags:

#silvermaker #silversmith #customsilver #customring #engravedsilver #engravedring

You get the jist. Let’s think about this for a moment though, who do you think follows these hash tags? Occasionally a potential buyer, but mostly? Other silversmiths! I mean, I never want to discourage you from networking with “competitors” (a different rant for a different day) but are they the people you are looking to share your earth-shattering new design with? Probably not!

If you’ve been around marketing for a hot minute, I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept “ideal customer avatar.” This is basically the profile of a person that likes the products you want to make, at the price point you sell them, and that you enjoy being in community with. For the sake of demonstration, I’m going to outline a brief customer avatar below.

Our fictious maker has extensive ties to the reining world which inspires many of her designs. Her products appeal to women in their 40’s to 60’s, looking for classic renditions of modern western fashion, live in the Bible Belt, and own a horse or two but are not competitors. Further, our maker enjoys working with this community and they do not mind the prices of her custom work.

What kind of hash tags would put this ring in front of her ideal customer avatar?

#reining #reininghorse #aqhaproud #cowhorse #horseshowing #westernlifestyle

Might look like good examples but do your research and experiment! Remember, Instagram is on the lookout for reoccurring lists of hash tags, especially when they do not relate to the topic. Mixing it up is good!

If you are struggling with your ideal customer avatar, I invite you to download our free Branding Basics worksheet that will help walk you brainstorm!

I hope you walk away from this thinking less about literal hash tags of what and more about figurative hash tags for who people are. Let us know how this works for you!

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