The invoice that remains unpaid

It’s been 24 hours since you sent your invoice and it remains unpaid. Now what?

Depending on my relationship with the customer, I like to take one of two approaches.

1.       If it is a new customer I am not familiar with, I like to leave them a message or respond to the original sales post with:

“Did your invoice come through?”

This alleviates any finger pointing but also draws your customer’s attention back to the situation. Be sure to tag them if it is on the original post.

2.       The other option is to resend the invoice. With returning customers, this is often a sufficient reminder. They will handle it quickly or send a message with any necessary update.

Remember, you as the business owner carry the burden of a smooth transaction process. It is not their job to buy but it is your job to provide excellent customer service, including compassion for their delay.




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