Building Your Team


Building Your Team

Completing your master plan

I was brought up with the clique, “when you learn one thing, you learn many things.” This was a valuable lesson as I did not go into ranching like my dad. Luckily, many of these principles applied in business when looked at correctly.


We moved to Nevada when I was ten. My dad took over the “Ranch Crew” of an outfit and they were responsible for anything not covered by the Cowboy, Pivot, or Haying Crews. They fed, watered and fenced in cattle. They were apart of every equipment operation, housing problem, or other situation that didn’t fall under the other three crews. They were also the first responders to ranch fires. At its height, my dad managed 20 people with vast areas of expertise.


My dad taught through repetition. The fact that he repeated the following lines over the years means he found value in them. Thankfully, I subconsciously remembered and applied this information early in my business career.

“A good manager doesn’t have to know how to do everything. They do have to know how to find people that know how to do something, take their feedback on situations, and apply it to the master plan.”

Small business owners are managers. They build a team of professionals around them for the benefit of their business’ master plan. The names and faces of the players may change, but it is the owner’s responsibility to unite them under one play book.

Have you enlisted the help of qualified individuals and companies? Is there communication up and down the chain of command so proper decisions and recommendations are made?

If you are not sure where to start, consider the weaknesses in your business. There is probably someone who can help! Look for professionals that have the heart of a teacher and take the success of your business seriously. When in doubt, reach out for recommendations!

Small business life can be rough. Surround yourself with successful business owners who get it. You’ll be surprised at how far you go!


P.S. Branded in Ink has been building a Rolodex of business relationships for years! If you are still stuck, shoot us a message and we'll see if we can make something happen!

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