Leadership lessons from the ranch

Last week, I told you guys about a leadership lesson I learned by watching my dad (Building Your Team.) Let’s keep this ball of ranch lessons rolling and see how long it lasts!

Leading a crew of 20+ guys, hiring was a part of life. I forgot the number of times I sat on my parents’ bed, listening to my dad interview for his current position. In each of these interviews, he did three things:

1.       Gave an overview of the ranch and its purpose. (Think belief-based hiring over skill-based hiring.)

2.       Gave an overview of the specific job, the skills needed, daily tasks, and its bigger effect on the crew/ranch.

3.       “Your job is whatever you’re asked to do that day,” was reinforced with each applicant.


A camp man does more than cowboy


Isn’t that the life of an entrepreneur, doing whatever task needs to be done that day? It’s a constant struggle to prioritize, delegate, and pick up the slack when need be to ensure the greater goal is reached. The trick becomes, how quickly and positively can you make this transition?


Are you just as diligent about designing as you are about cleaning the toilet?

Can you respond to the unhappy customer with as much compassion as the happy one?

Is payroll treated with as much attention to detail as your craft?


Fixing water on the desert


Your job is whatever your business needs that day. That could be hands on tasks, that could be coordinating with someone a job is delegated to. Regardless, the function and long-term sustainability of your business depends on getting the daily to-do list done. You know what needs to happen and putting it off another day doesn’t help.


If business planning, marketing and digital design are on your to-do list today, consider delegating to Branded in Ink and find out how easy it can be! Now, to take my own advice, and get things ready for our stellar tax guy…


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