7 Ways to Tell the Story of Your Craft


What is obvious to you is AMAZING to others.

Derek Sivers 

In a previous blog, Your Business’ Reality Show, we talked about why telling your story is important.

But now what? How do you do that?

Here are 7 ways to tell the story of your craft without getting overly personal.

1.       How do you go above industry standards?

Take this opportunity to shed some positive light on the quality of your work! Do you only use American made supplies? Does your production process take an extra hour but produce a specific result? Maybe you spend a good deal of time hammering out the details of a custom order with your customer?

These are awesome things that your followers will only know if you tell them! Keep it positive, keep it humble, and keep it about you.

2.       Learn to love the micro shot!

In laymen’s terms, get very comfortable taking up close photos of the details. Is your stitching straight? Is your scroll work to die for? Maybe there are no words for the pop of color on that fabric!

Don’t be afraid to use these shots to post about up-coming sales, general business announcements or what you ate for lunch today. They vary the pictures and really highlight the quality of your products.

3.       Tell us about the supplies you use.

I used to decorate wool caps when I owned The Buckarette Collection. Do you think that writing an ad with “wool cap” would do better than one that more accurately described them as “Stormy Kromers”? Nope! Many people already knew the quality of their hats, so my work just amplified their brand, creating a desirable product. It also explained that they were NOT $10 E-Bay hats at higher end prices.

4.       Time Lapse Video.


Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller just waiting to be released.

Robin Moore

Show your followers what goes into even one step of your process!

5.       Explain the training or experience that goes into each piece you create.

How will your followers know that you spent a year in an intensive apprenticeship to offer the beautiful work you create? How will they know you have 20 years-worth of trial-and-error experience to ensure their piece is perfect? This is a story you will continue to tell for years to come as new followers join your community.

6.       How your products hold up under extreme conditions.

This is so important in the ranch and western worlds! Gear makers, show us how your pieces survived the mud and guts it takes to cowboy. Jewelry and accessory makers, show us the girls wearing these pieces horseback to either look their best in the arena or protect them from the elements on the ranch. This could also apply to the photographer that has gone above and beyond to get the shots in these environments. It just goes back to demonstrating value.


7.       Tell us about your warranties.

Countless times, craftsman tell me they honor their work, but it is not on their website or in their social media. And what does “honor their work” mean anyways? Let’s do a better job of defining that for our customers and making it associated with our brand!

Tell us about your business! Do you feel like these tips would help your customers understand your products better? Drop a comment below!



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